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Tales, Part Three

Two Tales of Mystery and Meyhem from the Files of Raziel Towers, Pt.1
Art by the Amazing...
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Part Two

Kinda Like Mine Part Two of Two

Name/Lj name: Cricket/Clutzycricket
Story title: And I Kinda Like Mine
Word Count: 10,918
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Batman’s away, someone has to deal with the haunted house and its zombie army. Batgirl is not impressed, Spoiler thinks that Batgirl needs to watch more horror movies, the demonologist is uncomfortable, and the psychic is fed up.
Warnings: Skirting around the idea of bondage when someone is out of it in two scenes, not for sexual purposes.


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And I Kinda Like Mine, Batgirl, PG-13

Name/Lj name: Cricket/Clutzycricket
Story title: And I Kinda Like Mine
Word Count: 11,604
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Batman’s away, someone has to deal with the haunted house and its zombie army. Batgirl is not impressed, Spoiler thinks that Batgirl needs to watch more horror movies, the demonologist is uncomfortable, and the psychic is fed up.
Warnings: Skirting around the idea of bondage when someone is out of it in two scenes, not for sexual purposes.
WTFBrain's wonderful mix is to be found here- http://inmediasres.dreamwidth.org/7914.html

Dramatis Personae:

Batgirl- Cassandra Cain, the daughter of assassin David Cain. Taught since birth to read body language as her only language, one of the best fighters in the world, though functionally illiterate.
Spoiler- Stephanie Brown, daughter of minor villain the Cluemaster. She became Spoiler originally to stop her father, kept at it because she liked it. Probably Cassandra’s best friend. Known for wearing purple, dating Robin, and having three of the Batfamily titles.
Jason Blood- Demonologist who has been alive since the time of Camelot. Why exactly Merlin bound him to be the human cage of the demon Etrigan is unknown, with explinations ranging from the idea that he is not actually a real person, merely a shell to restrain Etrigan, to being punished for making a snarky but true comment when Merlin was spying about.
Violet Beklea (OC)- Born to a teenaged mother and a changeling, an artist with slightly unpredictable psychic powers and a flair for hearth magic.
Louise Le Grange (OC)- Deceased evil witch.

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Part Two is found at...

Bite Club/Morganville Vampires

(Finally finishing this because I finished Deadline, and goddammit, I am never sleeping again, am I?)

I really do love this series. You'd imagine a series that hits the double digits would be stale. Not Morganville Vampires. Part of that is probably the serial story format some of the plot arcs take. (The first six books, in particular, can come across this way. Feast of Fools through Carpe Corpus can be read as one larger book, really.)

Another thing is the varied cast of characters that works. Very few sentences can be used by other characters. Another is Caine's willingness to change everything up every so often. The plots usually change as well, forming different facets of the plot arc.

One of these changes is the fact that she switches between the usual 3rd person limited following Claire, one of the main characters, and 1st person pov of Shane, another main character. This is a really good idea, showing a good deal more of what is going on, and pulling off the coherent plot thing people occasionally believe is important.

The characters also do get a chance to grow. The Claire in this book is definetely different from the Claire who came to Morganville in Glass Houses, the first book. She's harder, while still recognizably the optimistic girl who likes seeing the good in people. This isn't always perfect- Eve's characterization often seems to serve as a plot point in bits- this isn't the first time a previously unknown hobby of hers plays a role in the plot. And I started rereading the previous book in this series before writing this, I noticed that she mixed up two minor characters, giving them each other's personalities. And not in an unnoticable way. See? I told you the character's couldn't have line-switching without noticing! Actually, Monica and her cliques' characters bug me, but I suppose given, y'know, town full of vampires, it works. Plus, there are pretty decent mind-screwy characterizations- you don't usually know what's going on with a few of the characters, which leads to scary fanfic, but fun reading.

...Okay, I fully admit that part of my adoration of this book is that it involves two girls, who are friends, competently rescuing their boyfriends. And Claire and her inability to walk away from someone she thinks needs her help.

I addition, it is a series that likes you thinking. Some of the characters are rediculously obviously historical. Ada is obviously Ada Lovelace- Myrnin all but says it out loud. Oliver is obviously Oliver Cromwell- it also isn't stated outright, but he names his year and place of birth, not to mention about five million little hints. Some of them are more difficult. Myrnin- well, he's a mad steampunk scientist who is possibly older than Amelie whose inventions owe less to physics than alchemy and something close to magic. And is Welsh, as I think is confirmed.

Speaking of Myrnin, yay! He's absolutely bonkers, and if he actually existd would probably terrify me, but reading-wise, is an awesome character. (And for certain people, is almost unanimously cast as David Tennant. How is this guy not the DBCA mascot?)

Feed by Mira Grant

Cricket's note- I read. A lot. I've read over seventy-five books this year. So I decided to discuss some of them.

Before I discuss this, I have a confession to make.

I hate zombies. They creep me out like no other. I have never seen a zombie movie. I have read, as of today, 3.5 zombie books. (The .5 is Zombies Vs. Unicorns, which is only half zombie stories and therefore doesn't count for the rest of this paragraph.) I have only really enjoyed two. This is one of them.

I originally tried to read this about a month or two ago, when I got spoiled for the ending and had to return it. Mira Grant is actually a penname for Seanan McGuire, who writes the amazing October Daye books. So I occasionally lurk at the website for other stories/books/etc, because the October Daye books are one of maybe five I will buy in hard copy. Well, Deadline, the second book, came out recently. To celebrate that, she posted a series of short stories set around the time of the zombie Rising. So I took a look at Deadline when it came out, and spoiled myself this time. After my brain started repairing, I decided that I had to try Feed again. I may or may not have finished the 500 page plus book in one night. (No, I am not mentioning how late it was, except that it was really late.)

FEED is a creepy book. Not just because of the zombies, though they are freaky enough. (Zombie moose!)But because it is grounded in realism, the kind that makes you not want to look in a mirror. It points out that people will let fear rule them. That fear can be used to make smart decisions, but that it should not be the sole deciding factor. That fear is a healthy response, and that denying fear- that trying to avoid it entirely- is a Bad Thing. Fear is a part of responsibility.

The second creepy factor is that Mira Grant does not pull her punches. There are multiple moments that are heartbreaking and disturbing. She doesn't use a fade to black for this. It's meant to hurt. And it does. Oh my god, it hurts. I was crying when I got to the end. There is one scene where you WILL cry- if you don't then you probably don't have a soul.

It is also an amazing book for those reasons. It isn't just a "zombie book". It's a book about people, and society, and examining why they do things. It's a book that reminds you of the good and the bad in people, and shows society with disturbing accuracy, given the zombie rising. Things discussed in the novel show how society has changed. These changes might make you raise an eyebrow until you realize, "Yeah, I can see that." (For me it was the idea of people being afraid of meeting in crowds.) Trust and truth are major themes. It is also based on real science- Kellis-Amberlee is really well thought out, and explained so a history major who took the disaster movie class for a science credit can understand it. There are winks and nods to pop culture- three main characters are George, Shaun, and Buffy. It's a conspiracy novel, it's a scifi novel, a blogger novel, etc.

It is, in short, awesomesauce.

Rating: 5/5
If you like this then you will like that: Peeps by Scott Westerfield, World War Z by Max Brooks

*pokes her library system to get Deadline, please and thankyou*

*No, seriously, you already have 200 requests to get the seventeenth Stephanie Plum novel. Which isn't coming out for a few weeks. And Deadline and Bite Club take forever to get? WTF?*

*Really, Charlaine Harris' last one only had like a quarter of the requests the day it came out!*

*I'm probably going to buy it anyway, aren't I?*
I really do need to figure out what I'm going to do after graduation, seeing as I only have a year left. History degrees aren't as useless as they say- I can argue that I have a scary good grasp on research, tearing apart arguements and word choice, and gathering a position into a coherent arguement.

...The problem is, of course, my issue with crowds and social situations. I can apparently mask it well enough when I need to, but it probably isn't all that good for my mental health in the long run.


Writer's Block: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

If you had to give up swimming, skiing, hiking, or biking for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

Swimming- Fun, when I'm not swimming into walls.

Skiing- Never gone, but it sounds interesting in a "oh god what new disaster awaits- AIIIE!" sort of way.

Hiking- Hell will freeze over before I give that up.

Biking- I learned when little(r). I loathe it and will never do it again. Evil trucks.


I'm tired. And I feel like I whine on the journal a lot, but it's just... seriously, I need "Whatever can go wrong, will" to just lay off me for a while. I'm tired and cold and cranky and people are depressing me. I need something fluffy and cheerful.

Edit: I also am mentally drawing comparisons between soap operas and comics. Don't judge me. ^_^